Southwest Dairy Farmers Are Offering Your High School This Grant Program

Southwest and Southland Dairy Farmers are offering your high school a grant program to fuel up athletes with Chocolate Milk. Chocolate Milk is the original energy drink. With nine essential vitamins and nutrients, it can restore energy and rebuild muscle. After workouts, Chocolate Milk is an excellent recovery drink for athletes, and now, your teams could win a grant for a FREE supply of Chocolate Milk for the season.

Click Here to apply: 


  1. If your application is selected and a grant awarded, you will receive up to $2,500 in two installments for your school (one sport for one semester), good for the purchase of Chocolate Milk through your Food Service Director or vendor.
  2. Grants can be awarded to Boys and Girls sports teams.
  3. Applications must be received by these dates:
    • May 31, 2021 for Fall Sports
    • January for Spring Sports
  4. Our Team Up with Chocolate Milk in Schools grant will also include a visit to your school by our Mobile Dairy Classroom. This popular unit features a live cow and milking demonstration, along with an educational program taught by trained dairy instructors.
    • Date and time to be determined by your school and availability of the Mobile Dairy Classroom units and instructors.


  • Grant funds will be awarded to provide Chocolate Milk only for the awarded school sport.
  • Applications by a school for multiple sports are allowed but grants will be awarded based upon the total number of applications received by a single school, for one sport per school per semester.
  • Teams are not eligible to win a grant for back-to-back sports seasons. Funding preference will be given to new team applications.
  • Grants will be awarded based on a school’s online application to indicate your school’s ability to fulfill all grant requirements listed below:
    • School must agree to hang TEAM UP with CHOCOLATE MILK banners supplied by Southwest/Southland Dairy Farmers at all home games.
    • Provide receipts for milk purchases during the course of the sports season.
    • Ensure that your school will work with athletic boosters, PTO’s and PTA’s, or similar groups to continue the purchase of Chocolate Milk for the remainder of the sports season if allotted grant funds are depleted.
    • Allow Southwest/Southland Dairy Farmers to use your school’s name, mascot, and participating sport in social media posts on various platforms to promote the use of Chocolate Milk as a recovery/energy drink for athletes. 
    • Agree to use your school’s social media platforms for posts to highlight your school’s awarded team and the TEAM UP with CHOCOLATE MILK program.